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Liz Ricketts
She/Her | Co-Founder & Executive Director
Liz is an educator, designer and strategist. Working within the industry as a designer and stylist, Liz witnessed the toxicity of fashion’s disposable culture firsthand and has since been dedicated to transforming the industry. She holds a Masters in Education from Harvard University. She has taught as both full-time faculty and as a guest lecturer in K-12 classrooms and in universities. Her upcycled garments have appeared in international magazines, film and TV. And her work as a researcher and advocate for a Justice-Led Circular Economy has been published widely.
Chloe Asaam
She/Her | Senior Programs Manager
Chloe is a designer, researcher and humanitarian. She studied fashion design at Ghana’s Radford University. She has seen the negative impact of fast fashion and wants to do something about it. She does this by starting where she is, holding herself accountable in the part she plays in a vicious and wasteful cycle, and calling on others creators to do the same. Chloe is a Gucci Design Fellow Finalist and an active member of the Board of Fashion Ghana.
Branson Skinner
He/Him | Co-Founder & Executive Producer
Branson is an educator, farmer, urban planner and musician. He has led small and large-scale organic farming operations and supply chains, open-source coding initiatives, a fair trade fashion cooperative, cross-border educational collaborations, documentary projects and music videos. He studied Globalization of Public Health and Societies at NYU Gallatin, where he was a Reynolds Scholar for Social Entrepreneurship. He also holds a Masters of Community Planning degree from the University of Cincinnati.
Sammy Oteng
He/Him | Senior Community Engagement Manager
Sammy is a trained fashion designer based in Accra who has been repurposing secondhand pieces for over a decade. Within his work he is keen on making a socio-political statement, exploring issues of neo-colonialism, sexuality and gender fluidity. He is a Gucci Design Fellowship Finalist. Prior to joining our team Sammy led a research project on secondhand clothing consumer behavior in Accra. Sammy has spoken about the impact of the secondhand clothing trade in Accra across an array of media.
Eshe Hamme
She/Her | Director of Organizational Development
Eshe is a lifelong volunteer and social justice activist from Durham, North Carolina who has spent over fifteen years working at the intersection of philanthropy and operational infrastructure. Over her career, she has raised over $25 million to directly support organizations working on maternal and child healthcare, human trafficking, inequitable access to food and housing, and environmental and economic justice. A proud Spelman College Alumna, former dancer, and current yoga instructor, Eshe is devoted to building power across the entire African Diaspora.
Abena Essoun
She/Her | Kantamanto Community Outreach Coordinator
Abena worked as a retailer in Kantamanto Accra for nine years selling Obroni Wawu ladies’ blouses in bulk and smaller quantities, gaining many skills and a deep knowledge of the secondhand market. Abena loves to socialize, listen to music and help others in need, and she uses these interests to build strong community relations across diverse backgrounds
Abu Issifu
He/Him | Facility Assistant
Abu was born and raised in Labadi, a community along the coast of Accra. Knowing how far the impact of clothing waste goes within such communities, Abu represents a perspective that is usually missing in such conversations. On the day-to-day, he works closely with the Facilities Manager in curating and maintaining the physical space of a growing team.
Ama Boadu Agyemang
She/Her | Assistant
Ama is a Ghanaian trained registered community nurse who is passionate, supportive, loves to care for others and loves nature. She has experience in dealing with people from diverse backgrounds and with different caliber. Her interest in learning something new, adding on to her knowledge and being a positive impact to the society and nation through advocacy led her to join The Or Foundation.
Ayisha Soabida Adam
She/Her | Programs Assistant
Soabida works as a program assistant for the Mabilgu program. Hailing from the northern region of Ghana, she formerly worked as a kayayei in the Kantamanto market, where she also held a leadership role. In our chiropractic research efforts, Soabida played a crucial role by enlisting her sisters from the market. Her objective revolves around providing assistance and making a positive impact in the lives of women who continue to engage in head carrying activities.
Bright Wayne Ayikpah
He/Him | Laboratory & Research Assistant
Bright is from Akatsi in the Volta Region and has been living in Accra since his move to the Accra arts center in 2010 after completing high school. He worked as a steward in Kempinski hotel for 5 years and also played football. He joined The Or Foundation as a member of the beach monitoring team and sampling teams before transitioning into apprenticeship. As a lab assistant, he will be supporting all research activities at The Or Foundation
Clémence Faure
She/Her | Design Research and Advocacy Coordinator
Clémence is a designer and researcher from France, who studied at the Design Academy Eindhoven in the Netherlands. Her graduation projects led her to The Or Foundation, with research on the Dutch and Ghanaian perspectives on clothing waste, exploring possible futures for clothes waste management through material, system and social design. She believes in the power of people and places to bring about fair, circular and ecological innovation.
Christine Boateng
She/Her | Story Producer
Christine is a filmmaker and film programmer based in Accra, Ghana. She believes in the power of collaboration and the beauty of belonging to a community or spaces that can nurture her craft. She loves visually appealing work that captures the essence of nature, places, culture, and people, which influences her filmmaking approach and style. She loves stories that draw from dreams, memory, and observation, exploring cultural and societal issues, the complex relationships people have with themselves and others, women who empower themselves, as well as issues related to identity and ageism.
David Kwabena Akpablie
He/Him | Cleanup Facilitator
David is a passionate advocate for sustainable development and environmental conservation. He attended University for Development Studies where he studied Environment and Resources Management. Over the years, David has developed deep understanding of the complex issues surrounding social and economic development, as well as the importance of environmental sustainability and waste management. He has consistently demonstrate his unwavering commitment to creating greener and more sustainable future along Accra beaches and Korley lagoon.
Dilys Max-Voy
She/Her | Translation Media Specialist
Dilys is passionate about creating media that promote dialogue around topics and stories less prioritized by mainstream media. She is a graduate of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology where she worked as a producer and host with the campus’ radio station, Focus FM. She has since volunteered and worked with radio stations like the former Live FM and YFM. With her new found interest in advocacy inspired by her experience in radio and storytelling, she hopes to be a part of real change that transforms the lives of many, especially women.
Enoch Nsoh
He/Him | Special Projects And Logistics Manager
Enoch is a Land Economist, photographer and drone pilot. His passion for photography coupled with his desire to make an impact with his work drive his involvement in projects that support the circular economy and that bring Justice to vulnerable communities. Kantamanto Secondhand Clothing Market has always been a part of his story as his mum sold in the market for years. He strongly believes that with the right systems in place Kantamanto can be a flagship for circularity and that fashion’s waste crisis can be a thing of the past.
Edwin Dzobo
He/Him | Translation Manager
Edwin’s skillset spans a range of creative disciplines, melding together design, music and art, contributing to and creating otherworldly work that pushes against the African grain. Having graduated with a degree in graphic design, Edwin has worked across a range of multidisciplinary projects, each time with the purpose of stretching the boundaries of and communicating what’s possible.
Eugene Ewusi-Annan
He/Him | Program Research & Implementation Coordinator
Eugene is a social innovator, financial analyst, writer, podcaster, and self-portrait enthusiast. He has led a small and diverse team of creatives and adopted project management tools and design principles to implement initiatives that unearth, nurture and support emerging creatives to unleash their full potential - a skill at a time. He studied Accounting at the University of Ghana and is further developing his knowledge in impact-linked finance. He is carving a niche for himself at the intersection of circularity, fashion and innovative finance.
Farihana Baba Mahamoud
She/Her | Nursing Officer
Farihana is a registered nurse with a BSc in General Nursing from the University for Development Studies. She worked as a nursing officer at the University of Ghana Medical Center. She also worked as a part-time Mabilgu SRH facilitator. She is passionate about empowering and educating women on their sexual and reproductive health and rights.
Fred Nabi Yankey
He/Him | Remanufacturing Specialist
A designer and an entrepreneur, Nabi studied fashion design and textiles at the Accra Technical University. He has worked with various apparel companies in Ghana, including through his own production business. He is a creative person, a lover of nature, music and art.
Grace Makafui Kwadam
She/Her | Graduation Specialist
Grace is a project management and communications professional, along with experience in developing graduation plans. In her previous role, she coordinated a project intervention aimed at addressing the underperformance of female learners and the underrepresentation of female teachers in core subjects for a USAID-funded local project. Grace is committed to empowering women and navigating the career aspirations of female head porters (kayayei). She studied Business Administration at the University of Professional Studies, Accra (UPSA).
Huzeima Hafiz
She/Her | Programs Assistant
Huzeima works as a program assistant at The Or Foundation, helping to expand the Mabilgu programs, from which she is a graduate. She also works in our No More Fast Fashion Lab, developing upcycling techniques for transforming discarded secondhand garments into beautiful new materials. She’s a senior high school graduate who formerly worked as a kayayo in Kantamanto market and is driven by a desire to help her sisters who are still headcarrying there.
Jacob Ayesu
He/Him | Laboratory & Research Assistant
Jacob was born in the northern region of Ghana, growing up near Accra's arts center. He's a versatile individual, excelling as a footballer and artisan. He crafts and sells African drums across West Africa, while also having a successful football career spanning Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. Driven by his love for the environment, Jacob joined The Or Foundation, initially collecting water samples before apprenticing at their science laboratory. Now a lab and research assistant, he is actively working and supporting in shaping fellow community members on the path of science.
Jamal Adamu
He/Him | Design and Build Coordinator
Jamal was born and raised in Accra. Prior to joining The Or, he worked at Galloway Metal Market salvaging, servicing and selling electric motors for more than seven years. He now works on the Material Research and Development team helping to develop systems for transforming textile waste into outputs suitable for useful applications such as building materials, furniture, and more. He hopes that the work he does serves to help improve his community.
John Naporo Napari
He/Him | Mabilgu Curriculum Facilitator
John is an educator with extensive expertise in creating instructional materials and curricula. He worked as a graduate assistant at the University of Ghana after his MPhil program at the University. He also worked at the Accra College of Education as a part-time tutor. Before fully joining the team as Mabilgu curriculum facilitator, John worked as a part-time English tutor for the Mabilgu opt-in class. In his current position, he works to develop and implement a comprehensive educational program for our Mabilgu apprentices and the communities in which we work.
Joseph Siaw Ayesu
He/Him | Ecological Research Manager
Joe is an integral community member at the Accra Arts Centre, where he has a shop selling works from across West Africa’s arts and crafts industry, including many of his own creations. Joe is an artist and a drumming and dancing instructor, teaching individuals, schools and organizations traditional movements and rhythms. He majored in science in his secondary school days and studied the fundamentals of medical laboratory technology at Accra Technical University. He manages The Or Foundation’s team of citizen scientists in beach monitoring efforts, sample collection and analysis.
Joseph Zotoo
He/Him | Business Development Coordinator
Joseph is an entrepreneur, business trainer, and angel investor who is passionate about youth development. He excels in custom programming, transforming lives through his initiatives. In Ghana's dynamic startup scene, Joseph led grant proposals, injecting over US$100,000 into empowering youth for employability and entrepreneurship. Driven by a sustainability vision, he explores secondhand clothing waste and upcycling, identifying market opportunities for innovation and environmental change with the Or Foundation
Joshua Odamtten
He/Him | Community Facilities Manager
Joshua is from Labadi, Accra. He is a photographer, moviemaker, skateboarder and coach who founded Skate Nation Ghana. He is a founding team member, working with The OR Foundation since 2009 to lead classes and support research through his technical expertise and people-oriented approach. As a skateboarder and community builder, he has been featured in numerous international magazines and documentaries.
Julius Tornyi
He/Him | Digital Producer
Julius is a self-taught photographer and filmmaker. He’s worked on projects for Twitter, iD Magazine and major international TV stations. He has been an instrumental part of the growing creative scene in Accra, as a regular contributor in amplifying the stories of other artists and brands ranging from music to fashion. Through The Or Foundation he aims to transform and amplify the amazing work that the Kantamanto community does and continues to perform every day.
Katia Osei
She/Her | Scientist-in-Residence
Katia is a bioengineer trying to be a better steward of the earth. Her goal in life is to make Ghana even just a little better for the people who live in it, starting with Korle Lagoon and her environs. She loves listening to music and watching documentaries and studied bioengineering at Harvard University.
Kennie MacCarthy
She/Her | Product Development Coordinator
Kennie is a mechanical engineer who is passionate about contributing to waste management solutions and hopes to positively affect lives and the environment through her work. She has a love for design and everything DIY. Kennie is a writer and editor and has contributed to two anthologies on climate change and gender-based violence.
Kevin Okai
He/Him | Documentarian
Kevin is a filmmaker and photographer based in Accra. Telling stories through visuals has been his passion and drive that pushes him out there to create. Over time, Kevin has traveled and captured stories of people and places. He believes strongly in using powerful visuals to convey ideas and educate people, seeing it as the most effective way to communicate. Kevin has collaborated with BBC to highlight social issues in Ghana, and his dream is to raise awareness about the social and cultural norms that shape the lives of Ghanaians.
Linda Valkeman
She/Her | Design Educator
Linda is an artistic and operational think-tank with a background in fashion, textiles and education. As a 'Material Teller' she explores how materiality travels and mediates between conceptual worlds in diverse cultural, geographic and temporal contexts to understand the transformative potential. Gaining most of her educational experience from groundwork in China, India, and Ghana, she has developed a critical knowledge of fashion research and theory. Interrogating curricula design with a strong local content she aims to link individuals, institutions and brands to form alternative fashion narratives.
Mambaru Mustapha
She/Her | Kayayei Programs Assistant
Mambaru is a professional advocate for change with a background in development education. She is passionate about gender equality and related issues, with an aim to level the playing field. Proclivity for nature and animals. Before beginning work with The Or Foundation, she was a researcher for private and governmental projects across (and beyond) the three northern regions in Ghana.
Maureen Caschinco
She/Her | Junior Accounting Analyst
Maureen is an accountant and a lover of fashion and music. She has a deep passion for environmental conservation and empowering and educating the girl child. She believes that through collective action, we can create a sustainable future where the environment remains pristine for generations to come. She studied BA Finance and Information Studies at the University of Ghana.
Mary Dorkurugu
She/Her | Material Lab Education Specialist
Mary is an educator from the northern region of Ghana, though she grew up in Accra. Mary began her work with The Or as an apprentice in our No More Fast Fashion Lab supporting material transformation and serving as a translator. She loves learning and is especially passionate about finding creative solutions to tricky problems. Prior to joining our team, she studied education at the University of Education, Winneba and taught for 6 years. She speaks 6 languages.
Maxwell Dzakah
He/Him | Design & Build Coordinator
Maxwell is an educator, engineer and still studying hard to make his dream come to fruition. Prior to joining The Or, he worked at Galloway metal market salvaging, fabricating and assembling metal materials for more than 5 years. He now works with the material Research and Development team helping to develop systems for transforming textile waste into output suitable for useful applications such as manufacturing materials, metallic furniture and powerful machines that helps to transform waste materials and goods into useful products.
Mohammed-Hanif Abdulai
He/Him | Documentarian
Hanif is a versatile creative professional serving as a Documentarian at The Or Foundation. With expertise in videography, photography, and motion graphics, he brings stories to life with precision, passion and a sprinkle of play. He specializes in short features, spoofs and animated slices of everyday life where he sets his imagination free.
Hajara Musah Chambas
She/Her | Kayayei Outreach Manager
Nabia is an entrepreneur, researcher and translator. She studied development education and engaged in participatory research along developmental projects with rural communities in Northern Ghana. Nabia understands the push and pull factors that impact kayayei migration and labor conditions. She is passionate about having a positive impact on society with a current focus on transforming the lives of girls and women working as kayayei.
Neesha-Ann Longdon
She/Her | Business Manager to the Executive Director
Neesha-Ann is an ESG/ sustainability consultant, passionate to address the fashion industry’s sustainability challenges through a development lens. In her career she has provided advisory services on ESG trends and regulations, as well as led ESG assessments in sustainable finance. She has spoken at conferences, including UN COP28 conference in Dubai, sharing insights on textile waste challenges faced in Ghana. Neesha-Ann joined The Or Foundation to support the co-founders in their activities and policy advocacy work. She also holds a Masters in Environmental Economics and Climate Change from the LSE.
Nirvana Safo
She/Her | Community Business Incubator Manager
Nirvana’s love for nature, thrifting, and Ghana led her to The Or Foundation. Her background in psychology and experience showcasing the talent of traditional African artisans in formal spaces drives her to bring to her role as Incubator Manager an intentional practice of honoring the human behind the work. She aims to contribute toward restoring justice for the land and Ghanaian people most impacted by the global north’s dumping of waste on Ghana.
Nunana Linda Amemordzi
She/Her | Media Editor
Nuna is an editor and an enthusiastic storyteller at heart. With a degree in film and video editing from the National Film and Television Institute, where she also served as a teaching assistant, Nuna is deeply passionate about her craft. She is particularly intrigued by the evolving landscape of storytelling and the ways in which social media platforms can captivate audiences. Nuna enjoys exploring story structures that create engaging videos and documentaries aimed at promoting impact-led outcomes. In her free time, she enjoys visiting galleries and curating themed pieces for her Instagram.
Nutifafa Mensah
She/Her | Community Engagement Facilitator
Nutifafa is a creative multi-hyphenate working as a stylist and an upcycler. Her approach to fashion is unique, with Kantamanto being the bedrock for her process. She proudly states that most of her clothes are thrifted from the market. “Kantamanto is the place to help you find your sense of style," she says. Now, though Kantamanto is an asset to her creative process, not all is rosy, and she worries about the environmental impact of the tonnes of clothes coming in weekly. In hopes of combating this, she pushes for recycling and repurposing of clothes through her brand Upcycled Thrift Ghana.
Patrick Abesiyine Anyebuno
He/Him | Community Development Coordinator
Patrick is a communications professional with a BA in Communications Studies from the Ghana Institute of Journalism with a focus on Development Communications. He’s keen on leveraging his skill set and expertise to promote a more participatory form of development that includes all stakeholders of the development process regardless of their status in society. Patrick has provided communication and community support for various not-for-profit projects in Ghana. He believes the only way to address challenges is by directly involving the most impacted people in creating the solutions.
Paul DuFour
He/Him | Material Research & Development Manager
Paul is a designer and researcher who aims to translate the often abstracted values of sustainability into tangible systems and objects that help people build deeper, experiential understandings of issues related to consumerism. Since graduating from the University of Cincinnati with a B.S. in Industrial Design, he has worked on a variety of educational material transformation projects in Europe, Asia, Africa, and North America. Prior to joining our team he worked with Precious Plastic in the Netherlands.
Samiha Yunus
She/Her | Kayayei Programs Assistant
Samiha is a social development and policy professional with an M.A. in Social Policy from the University of Ghana. She has over eight years of working experience with rural women and underprivileged girls. Before joining The Or Foundation she worked as a Program Assistant in the UNFPA/UNICEF Joint Program on FGM. She is interested in how behavioral science can influence social work in developing and implementing people-oriented interventions.
Sam Brockman
He/Him | Material Designer-in-Residence
Sam is an artist, designer, and self taught tradesman working in wood, metal, clay, and print. His work focuses on material histories, locality, and connecting the past to the present. Prior to working for The Or Foundation, Sam has worked on projects ranging from custom furniture and contract museum work to event design and education initiatives. A love for nature and sense of responsibility towards the environment drew him to where he currently is.
Virgile Durando
He/Him | Information Designer
Virgile is an Industrial designer and researcher from France. He studied at Design Academy Eindhoven, Netherlands. His main topics of interest are sustainability and circular systems. One key material he has worked with, is the Japanese Knotweed, a plant considered invasive in Europe. His work is an attempt at restoring value, in what is now considered waste or undesirable.
Yvonne Yelipoie
She/Her | Finance Manager
Yvonne is passionate about environmental sustainability and social equity. She aims to contribute to empowering the underserved in the fashion supply chain through education.
She holds a bachelor's degree in business administration from Ashesi University and is an ACCA finalist.
Yvette Tetteh
She/Her | Board Member
Yvette Tetteh is an entrepreneur, creative, and writer with a passion for nourishing the mind and body. She believes strongly in engaging agribusiness as an important means of creating positive social impact and promoting personal wellbeing. A Stanford University graduate, Yvette brings analytical thinking and academic rigor to team leadership and business development. She has also raised over US$120k in various personal and business awards and grants for the company she co-founded in 2018, Pure and Just Co. Born and raised internationally, Yvette moved to her native Ghana in 2015.
He/Him | Board Member
Mawuli is an entrepreneur, maker, stylist, storyteller, and the founder of DeFortyFive lifestyle space and Finders Frames. He is an expert at rehabilitating and upcycling accessories from Kantamanto, especially hats and eyewear. He also works with craftspeople throughout Ghana to create objects that tell stories and that explore sustainability from a West African perspective. Mawuli has a deep knowledge of Kantamanto Market as well as traditional Ghanaian dress and is committed to engaging the Ghanaian creative industry in a deep dialogue with fashion.
Jake Sargent
He/Him | Board Member
Jake is a creative entrepreneur working at the intersection of climate and culture. He is the cofounder and publisher of Atmos­–a biannual magazine and digital platform covering the climate crisis and social justice through a design lens. He has experience working with start-ups and non-profits across fashion, material innovation, publishing, and planetary health. He believes storytelling is a pathway to inspiring transformative change, and that traditional knowledge and thoughtful technological innovation can shape a more just and regenerative world.