Email Equality

Something we've noticed...very unscientifically:

When we set down with each of our students in Ghana to set up their accounts on the first thing we did was ask for his or her email. Interestingly, a significant majority of the male students had emails, whereas a significant majority of the female students did not. 

We inquired a bit further and it seems that many of the male students reguarly use the internet to watch Youtube videos and play games, whereas for many of the female students was their first exposure to the Internet.

Almost all of the students knew about Facebook, even those who hadn't used the internet before. Very few students, male or female, knew about searching google. 

For the students who didn't have an email address, a requirement for an account on Collectofus, we set them up with an email through our Google Apps for Education account. All of the students we've worked with in the US have had email accounts, either through their schools or independently.