Design Thinking in Education at UC:DAAP and Walnut Hills

Here are some of the final presentations created by students at the University of Cincinnati's College of Design, Architecture, Art and Planning showing their work with students at Walnut Hills High School in Ohio. 

"Trading Perspectives: Cincinnati and Accra" shows the connections made between students across borders - by Ali Weibel and Marissa Graham.



"Dyeing to Learn" present the work that UC:DAAP and Walnut Hills students did exploring natural dyeing - by Rene Schmitz and Hailey Nelson.


"Luxury vs Need: overshopped and underpaid" covers some of the concepts that the UC:DAAP and Walnut Hills students worked through together - by Sarah Schaefer and Ebonae Ward.

"Retail, Marketing and Advertising" showcases an example of the design and entrepreneurial work by Walnut Hills Students as part of the.or UC:DAAP partnership - by Maressa Krekeler and Jessica Hambrick.


"Cotton Workshops" as designed by UC:DAAP students with guidance from the TheseThingsTakeTime curriculum - by Mariah Accord and Cara Indiano.