It's Beautiful Here

Ten months ago when Liz first came to Ghana and I returned for the fourth time, we both found ourselves more challenged by the situation than we knew possible. We felt uncomfortable in the place that previously I had thought of as a second home. We ended up living behind nine foot walls with razor wire suppressing every feeling in our bodies, counting the hours until our flight. Grateful though we were of the hospitality we were so fortunate to receive from strangers and new friends, the trip was nothing short of miserable. I really did not look forward to returning to Ghana. But thankfully, here we are again.

Our time is so much better doing what we are meant to do. I do not feel hassled constantly. Instead, I feel appreciated. Teaching, learning and working together with my peers and my pupils. 

Of course, there are familiar difficulties and there are new challenges. But as Liz and I pass the weekend in Elmina absorbing the history and the sunlight, I am reminded of the beauty I first fell in love with.